August 20, 2019
Dr. Michael Civin Ph.D.

It was in 1968 when Dr. Michael Civin first graduated from college -- graduating with cum laude honors -- earning an A.B. degree from Harvard College. But it took approximately 20 years for that education to be complete. After gaining two Masters of Arts degrees in the two decades that followed, Civin graduated with his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the Gordon F. Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Services at Adelphi University.

That year was 1988 and Dr. Michael Civin Ph.D. moved onto post-doctoral studies immediately afterward. Through 1993, he completed his certificates in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. It was on these topics, and others related to psychology, that Civin published scholarly articles during his doctoral career. He also shared his knowledge in the field among several book chapters published in the two previous decades. This was all completed in tandem to educational work as a psychology professor, associate professor and faculty member.